Quality Local House Painter

Here at Lincoln's Painting Services, we have a focus on quality. We utilise the correct preparation methods that help to ensure the longevity of your paint.
We also ensure that the correct paint is used for the application, so you have the right finish that will last for years to come.

Lincoln Prouting

Outside of offering great Painting Services, Lincoln has several interests. He is heavily involved in motorsport, having competed in numerous race series such as HQ Holdens and Ssangyong Utes.

Lincoln also enjoys spending time with his family and working on projects around his own property in Helensville.

Lincoln is very personable and gets along well with all his clients.

We use quality Resene paints for all our Painting Services

Resene is a great Kiwi company and we are proud to use their products, If you would like to know more about the Resene range, get in touch with us today.